“A big thank-you to Witches Craig for our recent stay… We have never been so warmly welcome anywhere, and not only do you have a fabulous site in a beautiful location, but it is full of character and charm! We ended up wishing we had stayed with you for our whole holiday, which is exactly what we will do next time.
All the facilities are second-to-none, and even the play area for children is the best we’ve come across!
But I must emphasise that- unlike some other sites we could mention- despite being family-friendly and lots of children enjoying riding bikes and playing in total safety, it is all so well-run that couples should not be put off, because there is no disturbance or unruly behaviour. It is a perfect balance!
Above all, it is the friendly atmosphere which makes it so appealing, yours is not a ‘churn ‘em in, churn ‘em out’ mentality, but a genuine ‘happy to have you here’ approach which we really appreciated.
Can’t recommend to others highly enough!”